Cascade football back in action

Believe it or not, Friday night football is back in the state of Indiana and that means football games at Cascade High School. 

After many disruptions in last year’s football season, the football players have been putting in the work. 

Second-year head coach, Connor Simmons believes that he has the tools to elevate the success of the football team.

“We have a really good opportunity for the kids to take the reins and take this program to the next level,” said Simmons.

The team was fortunate enough to have a couple of months to prepare for the upcoming season with 50 chances to come in and get better. Simmons stated, “We had a good turnout over the summer with some young guys coming in and taking care of the weight room and the practices.” 

Sophomore Cyle Sullivan is looking forward to the season. Sullivan is a strong offensive lineman for the Cadets. He is one of the passionate and dedicated athletes that had 100% attendance this summer. 

“I expect my teammates to be all in and give 100% effort in sprints and practices,” said Sullivan. 

One strong returning player  is junior running back Liam Farmer. Farmer’s outlook on the season is a positive one.

“As long as my teammates are always going 100% then they are doing the right thing. We have all gotten so close and we have built trust in each other and it is going to help us have a great season,” stated Farmer. 

The Cadets are in the ICC Conference with a tough schedule ahead of them. Simmons said, “Every game is tough. We take it one week at a time and that is our mentality.” 

The Cadets only have 4 home games this season, and they will need the support of the entire community to compete. 

The Cascade football program is looking to do big things this year.  As the old saying goes, “As goes the summer, so goes the fall.”  If there is any truth to this, the Cadets are ready.