Kadeo’s Locker 


Alliyah Smith, Senior Staff Writer

This wrestling season has been hard on wrestlers with the absence of Kaden Lewis.  

Seniors especially have been struggling with the loss of their longtime friend and teammate.

Kadeo was a great leader to the team. He was a team captain and a motivator.  He could often be found performing front flips at meets to keep spirits high.

The team, the school and the entire community have done many things to  honor him including celebrations, cheer block themes, memorial walks and so much more.

But perhaps one of the biggest nods to Kadeo’s memory is hidden away to most people.

Before this season began, the wrestling locker room took on a new look.  With new decor and updated features, one thing the team could not think about replacing was Kadeo’s presence.

One of the stand-alone lockers has been reserved for Kadeo.  The team placed his wrestling shoes in the locker to help his teammates feel that he is still with them.

The team also honored Kadeo this season by having the K/L logo on their singlets.  Fans are also wearing lots of Kadeo shirts this year.  According to Kadeo’s dad, Kelly Lewis, “It may seem small gesture, but it is huge for our family.” 

While Kadeo is gone, the memories are strong. “We have so many great memories of him and wrestling that it’s tough to pick just one … but probably my favorite is his 8th grade year he was undefeated and wrestling a tough kid from Brownsburg.  He was down going into the last period, the kid chose bottom and Kadeo hit a spladle on him, for the pin and the win to stay undefeated.  Everyone went crazy in the gym and his smile said it all,” said Kadeo’s dad.

His 8th grade year was just the start to his amazing wrestling career. The possibility of what he could have accomplished is unlimited. The love and outpouring of support for Kadeo’s memory means so much to the whole community.  It only seems right that he have his place in the locker room.