2017-2018 Staff

Jacob Fox


I am a junior and new addition to the CHS Collaborator. My favorite article are reviews and other editorials. I a Nikon fanatic, and am capable of most photography subjects. Outside of school I primary shoot sports and nature,...

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Amber Anglin

Senior Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Amber and I'm a senior.... Finally! This is my second year in Mass Media. I enjoy working at my job at T.J.Maxx and spending time with my friends, family, and animals. I'm just a teenager who likes to have fun...

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Nicholas Murphy

Staff Writer

My name is Nicholas Murphy and I'm a Junior. This is my second year in Mass Media.

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Morgan Bledsoe

Senior Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Morgan, and this is my second year of Mass Media. I'm a senior here and I'm the Co-President of Book Club (follow us @bookclubchs on Twitter and Instagram). My favorite things to do are read, write, and taking photos....

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Brandon Campbell


My name is Brandon Campbell, or "Soup" for short. Im a captain of the football team, wrestler, co-president of the Recycling Club, and junior Prom Prince. I enjoy long walks on the beach and Luke Hammet. Esketit!

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Bradi Cheesman

Senior Staff Writer

Hello, I'm Bradi and I'm apparently a senior now. This is my third year in student publications and I am currently the lead anchor of the Cadet News. I run cross country and track, and I am involved in SADD, NHS, and recycling...

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Luke Hammett

Senior Staff Writer

Shalom, I'm Luke Hammett and I'm a Senior. This is my second year of the Student Publications team. I enjoy playing basketball and pranking my friends on the weekends. I played for Spain's national dodge ball team, the "Madrid...

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Abby Church


Hey, my name is Abby Church and I am a senior at "The" Cascade High School. This is my third year in mass media, and my first year as Editor-in-Chief. I play basketball, softball, and I throw in track. I am a member of Student Cou...

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Allison Mattingly

Senior Staff Writer

Heyo. I'm Allison and I'm a senior at "The" Cascade High School. This is my second full year in mass media. I spend a lot of my time writing, listening to music, singing, and, unfortunately, spending hours doing treacherous AP...

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