Senior Spotlight: Pass the mic to Emmy Bugler


Ethan Davis, Staff

Most students are involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities during their high school careers, but very few people ever come close to a level of involvement that senior Emmy Bugler actively pursues each day. 

An aspiring film student and stand-up comedian, Bugler portrays the pinnacle of “The” Cascade High School values, all while maintaining two jobs and a vibrant social schedule. 

Bugler began attending Cascade High School in the fall of 2019, the start of her sophomore year after a transfer from Plainfield High School. 

Outside of school, Bugler is a part of National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society and Cascade theater productions. She also helps out with middle school performances. In her free time, Bugler is currently employed at Starbucks Coffee and Chicago’s Pizza. 

Within the building, Bugler is most recognizable for her roles in Cascade’s musical and dramatic performances. Her favorite roles have been Aunt March in “Little Women,” Ms. Scarlet in “CLUE” and Rhonda in “Almost Maine.” 

When asked about why she loves to perform, she said, “Sometimes I only perform to see others smile, and sometimes that makes me smile the widest.” Bugler hopes to bring this love of performance to her future career. 

After graduation, she plans to double major in comedy writing and film. She’s yet to decide on a post-secondary establishment, but her top three choices are Emerson College, New York University, and Columbia College. 

One thing that helps Bugler to stand out amongst her peers is her stand-up comedy career. She’s been able to showcase her talents often at Red Curb Comedy in Avon, and has even been featured at Helium Comedy Club and Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis. Bugler’s biggest inspiration in her comedy is Bo Burnham, stating that he is a “fantastic comedian and musician.” Bugler’s biggest goal in life is to write and direct her own Netflix comedy special. 

For underclassmen, Bugler advises to “stay genuine to who you are” and “It is OK to have ambitious dreams.” 

Cascade High School produces many students who go on to achieve great things in their lives, and senior Emmy Bugler will definitely be a name to remember in the coming years. Her integrity, individuality, and drive to succeed will take her far beyond our small community and into a vast spotlight.