Out-of state for college?


Caitlyn Smallwood , Senior Staff Writer

     It’s the second semester of my senior year of high school. At the beginning of the school year our guidance counselor pressured us to get our college applications out and to also apply to as many scholarships as we possibly could. I chose to apply in September for the college that I wanted to go to, and for me that was an out of state college. 

     I wanted to go to Western Kentucky University when I first heard about it last year. I applied in September and waited a few weeks to find out if I got in or not. To my surprise I got accepted. 

     I am super excited that I got accepted into the college that I wanted to go to, but it’s four hours away from my home. The challenge that I am going to face the most is not relying so much on my parents, because they won’t be there right next to me. There’s also other challenges that include me finding a new doctor and other health related topics. 

     I am trying to not make my parents do all of the things that they usually do for me which includes setting up appointments, talking to adults, making me dinner, etc., because I have to start doing that stuff on my own. I can’t ask my parents to call my doctor later in my life because I’ll be on my own and living by myself. It’s going to be the hardest part about going out of state for college. It’s not just about the tuition or anything like that. It’s relying on yourself. 

     It seems really scary and terrifying that my parents won’t be there for me through barely anything. I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and I am going for it. It’s going to be really challenging and hard at times, but it’ll help me for the future.