Dashing to the stores


Madison Bledsoe, Staff Writer

Christmastime is great for most American families. But this is going to be a “Very Covid Christmas” as many people will not get to see their families and enjoy the festivities.

But that certainly won’t stop people from shopping for the hottest gifts and new releases.

So, what games, consoles and other electronics are going to be on the must-have wish lists for 2020?

The battle will commence between the two most popular consoles, releasing just in time for the holidays. Which one you get will probably depend on loyalty as they have been competing since the dawn of the console wars.  You are either team Playstation or team Xbox.

The newest consoles both released earlier in November.  When the PS5 was first announced, a price tag was not mentioned leaving people wondering. Many joked of a price so absurd that fear set in on the affordability of the new toys. 

Turns out both consoles cost $499.

And what about games? Since the consoles have just released there are very few, but give them time and they will both have plenty of games for everyone just in time for Christmas. But both consoles are backwards compatible, so don’t worry about having to buy new versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 that is played 24/7 on your PS4 and Xbox. 

Gaming not your cup of tea? Maybe try to look at the electronic toys.

Meet Squeakee. He is an interactive plastic dog that looks like a balloon animal. He does tricks and makes a lot of sounds. And there is Artie 3000. He is a coding robot that draws lines from the stuff designed by the owner.

Do you like music? Check out Sphero 2 Ring Speaking music which enables colors on a game board type structure.

Family game night is fun but what could make it better?  Pictionary AIR. Have the Pictionary app download and watch the person draw in real time with the pen…in the air!

Speaking of apps, the latest Iphone is coming to the ring just in time for Christmas.

One of the must have video games has got to be Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. It’s release in March is bringing more and more people to the Animal Crossing world fandom.

Yes, there are plenty of options for this Christmas season with plenty of new items on the store shelves and online stores just waiting to be ordered. Now it’s time to choose what gift will keep on giving this holiday season.