Show more respect


Alliyah Smith, Staff

This year we already are having trouble with COVID-19 and now there is vandalism in our own building. 

Our Blue Ribbon School provides a safe and fun environment to learn.  We should be grateful we have such an awesome place to call our home away from home.  But evidently, not everyone shares the same appreciation for what we have.

Some students have chosen to disrespect not only our school, but their peers, the teachers, and most importantly, the people who keep our school in shape. They work hard to make our school clean and in working condition. 

Put yourself in the shoes of our custodians. If you were at work and someone made your job harder, how would you feel?

The teachers and staff put trust in students to maintain a clean environment. One would think that as young adults, we could be a bit more mature.

And everyone has to suffer at the fault of others. The bathrooms had to be locked and could not be used during classes.  Students were sent to the office to use the bathroom. Custodians and other staff members also had to monitor the bathrooms during passing periods like we were back in elementary school.

If students were more caring of our school, it would be in a much better condition. Instead we complain how crappy it is, but it’s not the staff or teachers’ fault. It’s ours.  It’s our lack of responsibility. It’s our immaturity. Why don’t we start acting like it?

We all need to do our part and respect our school and staff to ensure our school remains a Blue Ribbon School. Remember the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do to you.

And if you see something, say something.  Enough is enough.