And that’s a wrap


Jerilyn Short, Staff Writer

Homecoming is in the books.

This year we started the week off with pajama day. We continued the week with Hawaiian, decades day, class themes and ended with spirit day. The seniors once again won the dress up days, making this their fourth year as the champions.

Due to COVID-19, the homecoming court had been minimized to only the seniors. Student Council sponsor, Mrs. Ball said, “This seemed to actually make the event more special.” 

Isabelle Eaton, Audry Fox, Hannah Needam and Shyanne Scott were nominated as homecoming queen. Evan Stack, Aaron Creech, Preston Fox and Lukas Chattin were nominated as homecoming king. Audrey Fox and Aaron Creech were crowned king and queen.

We were not able to hold a convocation because of COVID-19. However, we were able to use the school news instead. On the news each grade did the school song with the seniors taking home the win.

Instead of doing hallway decorations, students did Halloween door decorations. The door decorations are dual purpose. Since the theme was “Haunted Homecoming,” we are able to keep the class doors decorated throughout October. 

Mrs. Ball said, “This seemed to work really well as we can keep the decorations up longer.” 

There are a lot of great decorations this year, especially by French teacher, Mrs. Scharrer, who won the door decorating contest.

With the help of students donating money, the Out of Darkness team was able to raise nearly 1,200 dollars for suicide prevention. Sophomore English teacher, Ms. Bauer was able to get her students to donate the most money. In doing so, she will received a pie in the face from junior Alliyah Smith. 

Teachers and students  made this homecoming week one to remember, but there is still hope that next year will go back to normal.