Pies and Prom

Pies and Prom

Alexys Cartmel, Staff Writer

Although it is only November, it is close enough to that special date every junior and senior is getting prepared for; Prom.

Each year the junior class holds a fundraiser to help make the cost of prom a little less expensive. For the past 12 years, the Junior Prom Committee has successfully sold Gray Brothers Pies to raise money. These pies make for great additions to Thanksgiving meals, especially this year, since most families can’t celebrate the holiday together.

According to junior class sponsor Allison Paradise, “It’s a pretty easy way to get money because people love pies for the holiday dinners, so the students do all the selling, and then it is just one day of pick-up. It usually brings in quite a bit of money, so that allows us to lower the cost of prom tickets for the students.”

A popular Cascade motto is “Always Compete,” which is ideally what the idea of fundraisers are.

With every fundraiser there is always some sort of prize that gets handed out, and for prom, it is a free prom ticket. As good as that free prom ticket sounds, there might not be as much participation in this year’s fundraiser as normal.

According to junior Henry Tucker, “Mrs. Scharrer actually got me interested in selling the pies this year. I have already sold five, and the most common is Sugar-Free Black Cherry.”

Last year the class sold 175 pies, but this year there were 184 pies sold, with the top participant selling more than 80 of these delectable desserts.

So in the spring remember, as you and your friends or date are enjoying the night, dancing and making memories, thank those who sold the pies and make the ticket cost lower.