It’s time for answers


As teens it is fair to say we have all spent more than our share of time at MickeyDs.  But that doesn’t mean it’s always a positive experience.

McDonald’s has disappointed tons of people when their ice cream machine is not working. People always wonder why this happens. Why can’t they have ice cream? Is the machine broken? Or do the McDonald’s workers just not feel like making ice cream?

The manager of the Danville McDonald’s, Greg Deem, says, “Poor maintenance is usually the reason for breakdowns but the age of the machine doesn’t help.” 

The ice cream machine’s age is not the only problem. Deem said, “Usually the only reason we do not serve ice cream is because the machine is broken down or being serviced.”

But these aren’t the only reasons. The ice cream machine has a mode called “heat mode”. Heat mode can last for up to 2-3 hours. Normally this happens overnight or during breakfast. Heat mode can not be turned off and is on a timer. Sometimes the time is delayed if the machine has been cleaned.

McDonald’s ice cream machine being down affects a lot of people. Sophomore English teacher, Ms. Bauer says, “It is exasperating to go to the drive thru, sit in a long line, only to get to the order board to find out the ice cream machine is down. And sometimes, that also means being trapped in a line you can’t get out of.”

Normally the Danville location doesn’t stop serving ice cream unless the machine is down. “We usually always serve ice cream, never because we don’t feel like it.”

McDonald’s knows that a lot of people love ice cream, so they try their best to have their machine working. But things happen.