Spotlight: the amazing Natalee Hessler


Rhegan Stewart, Staff

        Natalee Hessler is the school nurse, but did you know she does so much for Cascade?

        Mrs. Hessler graduated from CHS in 1997 and joined the staff in 2015 as the school nurse. When asked about how CHS compares now to when she was a student, she said, “The atmosphere is more inviting. I had some amazing teachers back then but the teachers we have now are just different and more loving and accepting. I love our staff. I miss some that have retired since I came back but I couldn’t be around better people.”

        Hessler’s life was forever altered when she lost her mom six years ago.  To help with that pain, she needed to be with “family.” That led her to applying and accepting the job as school nurse.

        Since coming back to CHS in 2015 she has acquired an even bigger family with all of her “school kids.”

          “I love working in an atmosphere where I can be goofy as well as serious if needed. This place is home and even though we all don’t always get along, this is my family,” she said.

        Our school nurse does more than sit in the clinic.  She is involved within the school in many areas.

         You can find her in the front office helping Mrs. Creek answers phones and field needs of both students and staff. She attends a variety of athletic events because, as she says, “I feel like it is necessary to support every different type of event. The students are important to me.”

        Mrs. Hessler was vital in reviving a very popular extracurricular activity in the drama club.

        When she attended CHS as a student, Hessler was an active member of the club and took drama as a class. “I also participated in musicals so I love being on stage. When I came to work here, all that the students had was musicals as an option and that just didn’t work for me. I wanted them to have more, so I started a drama club.” 

     The clubnow performs both a musical and stage play each school year. 

        Mrs. Hessler has her hands full at home with three children. Her daughter Katie (17) is a senior at Zionsville and her two sons, Leeland (14) and Colton (5) attend Mill Creek Schools.

       We are extremely lucky to have Mrs. Hessler in our lives.  She is supportive of each student.