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Elizabeth Daniels, Staff

Did you know that one of the best kept secrets at Cascade is the…book club? 

The book club is a group of students who like to read and share book ideas with each other. They meet every week to discuss what they are currently reading along with other activities. 

Mrs. Gruener has been running the book club for about eight years now. Gruener wanted to give students another club option. She also wants to get student input for library improvements and events. 

Gruener’s goal for the book club in the following years is to keep sharing her love for reading with the students and to encourage others to read. The book club is a chance to meet new friends and a chance to show your love for reading.

Junior Shyanne Scott  has been in the book club since her sophomore year.  She said, “Students should join the book club because it is a good experience to talk about the current books students are reading and to have fun using literature.”

Anastasia Beasley, also a junior, continued that line of thinking. “Others should join to see how reading is fun and educational, also they can make new friends.”

According to the duo,  it is a very fun opportunity to talk about literature, play games, win prizes, eat food, hear some good recommendations and many other amazing things. The students also think that it is worth the time of going because they do games, challenges, arts and crafts, help with concessions and hear about great books your new friends are reading. 

So if you’re looking for a new club to join you should check out the book club. You can bring a snack and maybe a friend too, to share the enjoyment with everyone else. Why not stop by and check it out on Thursday afternoons?