No king, no queen, no problem


Trevor Smith, Staff Wrighter

 Cascade High School has officially melted the tradition of Snowcoming. For the first time in at least a dozen years, Cascade will not have a winter homecoming.

Students are not very happy about the cancellation of winter homecoming. In a recent poll, 80% of the students voted yes they want a winter homecoming. Winter Homecoming has been a tradition at Cascade for many years and the sudden stop on the tradition has students surprised and some are even angry with the news. 

The decision was not made apparent to students until this semester and many seniors feel like they are going to be missing a part of their senior year that many cascade alumni had before them.

Senior Halie Barron stated, “ I want a winter homecoming because it’s my senior year and I’m a cheerleader so homecoming is always a fun time for me.”

She also stated that she did not go to the winter dance but went to the homecoming game and participated in the week of dress up days during the homecoming week. Many students would rather have the homecoming game and the dress up days rather the a winter dance.

There are also students who agree with the cancellation of the winter homecoming. Many students have said that the same people are picked every year and four years of the same homecoming court is not very interesting.

 Some student athletes are also unhappy with the decision of no homecoming this winter because football players can not participate fully in the festivities of the fall homecoming. Players have to be on the field the entire time and during half time when the king and queen is being announced everyone on the team is in the locker room trying to bring the homecoming victory. 

The student council is still having a semi-formal winter dance, but many students want to go to the winter homecoming game and participate in the dress up. It is still unknown if there will be a crowning of a king and queen  at the dance.