Senior spotlight; Cyenne Smith


Alliyah Smith, Staff

With graduation right around the corner, it’s time to focus on the importance of the class of 2020, specifically, my older sister, Cyenne Smith. 

She has been at Mill Creek schools since the 7seventh grade. She is currently taking multiple IVY Tech courses to complete her senior year. Some classes include introduction to American government, economic fundamentals, English composition and introduction to literature. 

Cyenne is planning on attending college for graphic design. She has been accepted to many colleges, although she hasn’t fully committed to any quite yet. 

For all that she has given this school, she will be missed and she’ll miss all her favorite teachers her friends, not to mention, her participation in cheer, which she has grown fond of. 

Cheer Coach Ashley Moeller says,“From the puny little girl who tried out for cheerleading to the senior who got into lifting weights and understanding the importance of being strong mentally and physically, Cyenne is an all around awesome human. She is a hard worker and always willing to help. If I need something done in a bind, need anything artistic, or need a problem set straight, I go straight to Cy. I love Barbie and will miss her so much next year!” 

Cyenne gave the school much of her time, participating in fundraisers, working concessions, and cheering at school games. She also participated in the “Every 15 Minutes” program about drunk driving awareness. Another thing she was proud of was helping her cheer team place third in the state competition. 

Although she is proud of herself for her involvement, she wishes she had been involved in more art classes to graduate with art distinction. That would help her later in college. With her regret, she has advice for the underclassmen. 

“I would say make high school worthwhile, don’t be afraid to try new things or try out for sports and get involved with school activities and extracurricular activities. Make new friends, keep good grades and set yourself up for a good future out of high school.”

She feels as “THE” Cascade High School made a good impact on her. The school has helped to be a better person and prepare for the future. The school made her feel safe and comfortable to try new things or ask for help. Smith is happy with her accomplishments and is ready to leave with a good mindset.