A spirited defeat


Madison Bledsoe, Staff Writer

     The cheerblock was filled as the game against Triton Central Game started. As the game went on students cheered loud and proud even thought the Cadets were on the losing side, not giving up hope even as Triton Central won the game with a score of 20-7. 

     Cascade had a good start in the first quarter scoring the first 7 points of the game. The defence was holding Triton Central back and they did pretty well. In the end they lost but they still haven’t lost their spirit.  

     The football team may have gotten a bumpy start after losing against the rank #7 team in the state. Though they did well preseason they are off to a rough seasonal start. Being as it was only the first official game the team isn’t gonna be bent out of shape because of it. A team had to win and a team had to lose. The pressure was high after “Operation Football” came to welcome the start of our football season as their opening segment to start their 2019 season of “Operation Football”

    Coach Spinks says “We played really hard and lost to a really good football team. We don’t have any reason to be sad! We just have to improve and go 1-0 each day to get better.”

   So, just because the team lost the first game of the season doesn’t mean that they will give up on fighting. After all this is only the first game of the official season. Who knows what will happen!