Sticks and stones


Trevor Smith, Staff Writer

     The girls soccer team has had a rough start to their season but things are looking up for the team as they adjust a lot from last season in addition to losing seniors and key players, the team has many injuries.

      Senior Taylor Norris was an all conference selection last season and was a great leader for the team on the field, but she will now have to be a great leader off the field.  She is sidelined this season with a torn ACL.  Norris’s ACL is healed now but she didn’t want to risk getting hurt for her senior season of basketball which is her primary sport. 

     The team is still adjusting to the new leadership, new conference and new coach. They are attempting to get back to the cascades winning ways as sophomore Grace Franklin and junior Torie Potters lead the team in goals.

     The team is playing hard every night and their record will soon show it once the team is back into full form.