Cheer or go home?


When you attend a high school athletic event, it stands to reason that the student cheer block will be loud and proud.  But if anything is missing in support of our Cadet athletes, it is school spirit.

It all started when I was a freshman. There would be tons of seniors and they would go all out just to cheering and pumping up the crowd at the games. The cheer block at that time was so captivating. Coach Spinks really got a taste of the cheer bock for the first time that year.  He said, “When I first arrived, we had a huge number of kids in the student section.”

Moving to my sophomore year, the cheer block was still very large but it was nothing like it was the year before. They wouldn’t do as many cheers and the intensity just wasn’t their. It was more like a hangout.

And sadly, it has only gone downhill.  My junior and senior years have been absolutely terrible.

Last year we had several Black and Blue Crew leaders, but they wouldn’t do anything to promote the games or even get fan input. Picking a theme and lack of leadership left many people hanging, wondering what was happening.

This year is sort of the same with a few exceptions. The Black and Blue  Crew Twitter page tries to keep students updated on games and themes and special events.  But even with that, the cheer blocks have been disappointing.  

On the upside, for the first time in memory, CHS loaded a fan bus and took students to the sectional semifinal game.

If we really care about our mighty Cadet athletes and we want future classes to have a fun, enjoyable time at the games, we must change things. 

Coach Spinks has taken this matter personally and is working hard to get the cheer block back to its glory days.

“I am going to do some research into other schools this off season to see what they do… We definitely need to figure out how to grow and get better!”

The Black and Blue Crew leaders are even trying to figure out how to make huge changes. Carly Gibbs, one of the senior leaders suggests that we should have more meetings and to try to get more people involved. 

Whatever it takes, we need to band together to get a full band of support for our athletes.  They work hard and we need to show the support.