It’s almost over

Lundynn Beatty, Staff

A new year means more to certain students from “The” Cascade High School than others. For some this just means another 18 weeks until summer, but for seniors this means graduation. There is still so much to do before graduation. Many are involved in winter or spring sports such as swimming, wrestling, track, basketball, golf, and baseball or softball. Some will be participating in the upcoming musical “Freaky Friday.”
Seniors are most definitely looking forward to their final prom. Friends gather to have a good time, make memories and vote for their classmates to be prom king and queen.
High school friends are very important to help make memories. Students are looking to make as many memories before they graduate as possible. Some students are working jobs together, taking exciting classes together, and even just hanging out on the weekends.
College is a big milestone for most seniors. Many students are applying for different colleges to help their dreams come true.
Seniors are graduating, and there is much to look forward to in the second semester.