Addressing the border crisis


Jess Amrhein, Staff

As most of us know, many people are migrating into the U.S. from Mexico, but what’s actually happening? What’s the Biden administration going to do? There are so many questions left unanswered. 

Many things are being said in each political party with lies and misinformation being spread. 

One misunderstanding is that Biden did not “open” up the border. Biden actually tried to extend the Title 42 policy that former president Donald J. Trump put into place.

This policy, which was issued at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, allows CBP officers to deny immigrants access into the country, even without an asylum claim, for the sake of public health. 

In fact, Biden doesn’t believe in open borders. Biden was actually criticized while being part of the Obama administration by the left wing for deporting immigrants back to Mexico more than any other administration has done in history. 

Another big misconception is that immigrants are bringing in COVID. These immigrants coming in through the border are being tested and less than 6 percent of immigrants have tested positive for COVID-19, which is actually lower than Texas’ positivity rate of nine percent.

The Biden administration is also not spending millions of dollars on hotel room for immigrants. According to immigration officials and Customs Enforcement, the agency signed a  short-term contract with the non-profit division of Endeavors to provide temporary shelter and processing services for families who have not been expelled. The $86.9 million contract provides 1,239 beds and other necessary services.” 

So why are people crossing the southern border? 

Many factors are causing this increase of migration such as better economics in the U.S., the violence instability and the devastating two category-four hurricanes that happened in November of 2020. 

The storms crushed the agricultural industry in Central America causing a huge shortage of basic needs. 

So what’s next for these immigrants? 

The Biden administration dispatched FEMA to help the minors crossing the borders. FEMA stepped in and moved the children from overcrowded facilities to temporary shelters. 

In these times, people are arguing whether the border should be open or closed. While there is no right answer or way to solve this problem, only time will tell how it will all play out.