Area 31


Hunter Coats, Staff writer

     Located in Indianapolis, Indiana and serving over 11 different high schools in the district, Ben Davis’ Area 31 Career Center is a popular place to be. 

     You may ask yourself, I’ve heard about Area 31, but what is it? 

     Chris DuBois, Cascade High School guidance counselor says, “Area 31 Career Center is way more than high school. Area 31 is high school with direction, hands-on learning and real-world work experience.” Students can gain knowledge to prepare for high-wage, high-demand jobs right out of high school or get a head start on a college degree. 

     Students also have the opportunity to earn college credits that can be transferred to a two or four-year college. 

     So how does it work?

     According to Dubois, “Area 31 students attend career preparation classes for half day, either morning or afternoon, Monday through Friday. The other half of the day is spent at your home high school.” 

     To attend this career center you must first be accepted based on your high school accomplishments. A good GPA and good attendance record look good on the application.

     Area 31 experience looks good to a potential employer, and could be the difference between getting a job or being turned down in favor of an applicant that is more qualified. 

     Area 31 has lots to offer, with 28 different programs. 

     Dubois says that some of the most popular programs are cosmetology, culinary arts, auto mechanic and auto repair. 

     Junior Brandon Stephens attends Area 31 and is enrolled in the automotive technology class. He says, “I like going there because I get to learn about the new cars and all the new technology and some days if I need to. I can take my truck up there and work on it in their shop.” 

     Stephens claims that he already knows a lot about cars, but taking this class has helped him learn more about new technologies and computer systems.

     Junior A.J. Thompson attends the networking/cyber security class. Thompson says that he has learned how to solve cyber crimes, set up routers and switches and configure a computer to a router so that it has internet connection. 

     According to Thompson you can get certifications taking this class that can lead to a decent paying job right out of high school. 

     Overall, Area 31 is a very beneficial place to go, no matter what career you choose.  The experience and hand-on learning put students ahead of the competition.