Academic Super Bowl


Sydney G Warran, Staff

When people think about extra curricular activities at Cascade High School, they tend to think about athletics. However, there are also academic teams, such as the Academic Super Bowl. 

 Academic Super Bowl is a competition for Indiana high school students much like the old “Brain Game,” that was popular until a few years ago.

The team is broken up into smaller squads that focus on a specific topic for the competition.

There are several subject areas, such as English, fine arts, math, science and history. There is also an interdisciplinary group that covers all the categories. 

 Each year, there is a new theme for the competition. This year, it is “Celebrating Women: 100 years of Equality” since it is the 100th anniversary of when women got the right to vote.  The teams will look at how women played a role in those subject areas within the last 100 years. 

The competitions will all be virtual this year, and they start in April. The state competition begins on May 5th.

This is the second year CHS has had a team, but the first year of competing since last year got cancelled because of the global pandemic. 

Lots of members enjoy being a part of Academic Super Bowl because they like to be engaged and gain extra knowledge. 

The coaches, who are all teachers at Cascade, are working hard on preparing their students for the competition.

This academic team is full of intelligent students who are willing to work and study hard. They are very excited and hoping to compete with other schools.