Oh boy!


Morgan Bledsoe, Senior Staff Writer

The Cadet News has many small segments such as “Teacher Talk,” “Did You Know,” “The Nick & Nick Show,” and the well-known “Man Show.” But now, a new segment has entered the mix and in the words of Mr. Burelison, “The challenge has been thrown down.”
Cascade’s newest news segment, “The Boy Show,” is coming in big and for the crown.
When it comes time to be a manly man, Mr. Burelison and Mr. Hagenow have you covered, but to become a manly man, don’t you need to be an awesome boy?
Seniors Brandon Campbell and Luke Hammett have decided to be your tour guides of boyhood, making the transition to being a manly man that much easier.
What exactly is the “Boy Show?” Well, it’s the better version of the “Man Show.” Sure Burelison and Hagenow claim to be awesome show hosts, but can they really compare to the chemistry Hammett and Campbell share?
The idea for the “Boy Show” came to Hammett and Campbell as a joke. When they read together on “Did You Know” the pair realized their chemistry and began joking about a show for them to star in.
On Jan. 29, the “Boy Show” finally saw the light of day. The boys started off strong with the segment on “toys for boys.” Hammett brought in the Legos and Campbell brought the Barbies.

The “Boy Show” was greeted with a positive reaction. Everyone seems to love the show, even Burelison and Hagenow, who were both amused and flattered of someone recreating their show.
The future of the “Boy Show” is uncertain, but here’s to hoping there are many more segments to come…and maybe even a “Man Show/Boy Show” crossover.