Kings Island becomes a nostalgic’s paradise


A picture promoting Winterfest.

Jacob Fox, Staff

Ohio amusement park King’s Island opened its doors this month to fans of their annual Winterfest, which has not been held since its discontinuation in 2005.
There is exactly 20 days in the 2017 season of winterfest. The park will be hosting a total of 17 daily activities, 14 shows, 20 seasonal dinnings and 10 gift shops. In addition to this they will have about seventeen of their rides in operation.
People may remember Winterfest in their previous visits, as it was first introduced in the year 1982. They offered enchanting and exciting events for people of all ages.
The annual Winterfest ran up until 1992, when Paramount bought the park from Taft broadcasting. Winterfest stayed inactive for about thirteen years, until a one time revival in 2005.
The amusement park’s official page posted an announcement on November 1st, spreading the messages to their social media pages as well. They continued to keep their fans posted, placing several updates along the way.
Kings Island owner, Cedar Fairs, is expanding similar celebrations to their other parks as well. The parks hosting these events includes Kings Dominion, Cedar Point, Carowind and more.
Attendance records for previous years of Winterfest are not exactly open to the public, though it can be assumed that it will be just as popular as their other events. The park is credited with breaking at least nine record breaking rides, has been voted as having the best kids’ area in the world and is one of America’s longest running amusement park.
The park will be selling admissions for very specific days, typically offering daily or seasonal visits. In addition to this, the tickets will give access to extra events such as ice skating and seasonal meals.
Daily tickets cost $25 and event tickets tend to range from ten to to 20 dollars. The monthly tickets cost $29.99. Kings Island has yet to announce the future of Winterfest, or if it will be declared an annual event again.