Are you making the most of your time at CHS?

Seniors reflect on being prepared to graduate.

Are you making the most of your time at CHS?

Bradi Cheesman, Staff Writer

Whether you believe it or not, high school is ticking away and your time here is very short.
Four years seems like a long time, but within the blink of an eye. it’s over. The class of 2017 would like to offer some advice for those who have time left.

Appreciate and listen to your parents. They were once your age and know what you’re going through, and their advice is based on experiences. Listen and appreciate what they have to say. They want the best for you.

Don’t let fear stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone. High school is a time for growth and learning. Don’t let the fear of rejections or embarrassment stop you from trying something new. Even if you don’t succeed, it will never completely be a failure. It can serve as a learning experience or lesson.

Your GPA will follow you and the work you put into the classroom will reflect upon it. Many high school students believe that if they do poorly their freshmen and sophomore years they can simply work harder their junior and senior year to make up for it.
Chances are, it’s too late.
Colleges take a holistic approach and look at everything throughout your high school career. By creating good study habits, learning time management and avoiding procrastination, you can avoid this issue.

Contrary to what you may think, school work isn’t the only thing that matters in high school. While school work should be your priority, it should not define who you are. You can only learn and experience so much within a textbook. You need to go out with friends, experience life and even take time for yourself to truly be the best you and succeed the most.

Experience all of high school. Go to the games, dress up for “Spirit Wee” and go to prom. You’re more likely to tell your kids about your fun night at prom rather than regretting going.

Don’t stress about things you have no power over. You will make mistakes and things won’t always go your way…but it’s okay. Continue to move forward and work hard…things will get better.

Most of all, slow down. While looking towards the future may be fun, enjoy what you are experiencing. Before you know it you’ll be going off to college, or a career and into the rest of your life. Don’t take what you have now for granted.