Records continue to fall


photo by Joe Tucker

Collaborator Staff

It’s called “Hoosier Hysteria” for a reason.  And we’re not even talking about professional or college basketball.

On any given Friday night, the possibility for a magical story hangs in every high school gym in the state.  But a similar magic can also be found in the Saturday afternoon girls games that are often overshadowed by Friday night boys highlights.

One such happening occurred recently…and quietly…at Cascade High School, where in a building surrounded by cornfields, not one, but two school records, were dropped by a pair of outstanding seniors.

It was little surprise to anyone that records could be in jeopardy this season with these two at the helm.  Seniors Sydney Warran and Abby Parsons have been staring down the possibilities of adding their names to the record board for some time.

The duo, along with fellow senior Madison Short, are leading a very good Cadets team to historical heights.  

Warran and Parsons have been playing together since the 4th grade where they teamed up in the Mill Creek Optimist league.  They played through the very competitive Indy Hoops league through middle school, where people really started to notice the dynamic duo.

As seventh graders, they led their team to the county championship game, losing by six points.  The following year, the pair helped their squad earn the county crown, ending a title drought of more than 30 years.

Optimist and middle school coach Darlene Rivera is not surprised at their current success.  “They are two very special players.  They exhibited the same unselfish play in seventh grade as they do now.”

Off the court, the pair is equally successful.  Both girls carry a 4.0 with college just around the corner.  

Warran, who will attend the University of Illinois Springfield on a basketball scholarship, plans to major in sports communications with the goal of working as an ESPN commentator.  She is a well-rounded student who is a leader on the volleyball team, is a member of the National Honor Society, and is involved in many clubs.

Not to be outdone, Parsons also boasts a 4.0 and is ranked fourth in her graduating class.  She hopes to play basketball in college, though she has not settled on a final destination.  She plans to become a physician’s assistant.

Third-year coach Adam Parsons was not at a loss for words when it comes to his stand-out players.

“Sydney’s biggest strength is her size and speed and ability offensively to see the floor.  Defensively it’s hard for guards to get around her and she can block their shots without fouling.  She can guard a big and contest with her size,” said Parsons.

As for the other Parsons, Abby is a sharp shooter who keeps defenders on their toes because she can shoot from anywhere with deadly accuracy.  She not only has a magical three-point range, she also shakes things up because of her keen ability to see the whole floor.


“Abby’s biggest strength is her touch and ability to see what is happening quicker than others.  Defensively she almost always guards a girl significantly taller and does a great job blocking out,” said the coach.

Outside of the gym, the girls are well-respected, not just because of their court success, but because of the academic success and their demeanor.  Their long-term friendship helps.   

According to Abby’s mother, Vicky Parsons, “Sydney said it best; They’re basketball best friends. They trust each other on and off the court and they always have each other’s back. They compliment one another perfectly.”

Going back to those magic moments, for this pair, they happened within one rotation of the sun. 

On Friday, January 13, Warran became the career assist leader for the Lady Cadets, breaking the mark at 321, a record set by Brittney Sallee in 2011.

Warran said she’d had her sights on this record since her freshman year.  Coach Parson added, “She shares the ball so well.  It’s easy to rack up assists when you are unselfish.”

And unselfish she is.

Less than 24 hours after claiming her own place in CHS basketball history, she made one more assist…to Parsons, who would score a basket to break the school record for career points.  This record, set in 2013 by another Sallee, this time Brandyce, was broken at the 1,111 point mark.

There is perhaps no more fitting tribute to this pair than being able to share these records, helping each other achieve them throughout the entire journey.

The season is winding down for this pair, with the Lebanon sectional looming, where they are likely to face Danville for a title.  But their work was not done with individual records falling or looking forward to the state tournament.

Warran and Parsons led their team to one more accomplishment.  For the second year in a row, this squad has broken the school record for wins in a season.  Last year, they topped the mark capping off 18 wins.  This year, they smashed their own regular-season record with 20 wins, and have added two more  in the sectional, including the championship game, where the ladies broke a 17-year title drought.

Regardless of of what happens in tournament play, or even at the next level, one thing is clear; The super duo of Sydney Warran and Abby Parsons are leaving their fairy-tale mark  on the record board, the hardwood floor and across many the many people they have impacted and influenced.