Are you a Pogue or a Kook?


Ashlynn Hunsicker, Staff Writer

Are you on the Pogues side or the Kooks side? If you are an OBX fan, you know exactly what that means.

The anticipation for season 3 of Outer Banks leaves everyone wondering what will happen next.

Fans can’t get enough of Outer Banks whether it be the cast or the idea of the kind of summer life all teenagers dream of. 

John B is a “Pogue” who is trying to find long-lost treasure his father left behind when he passed away.

JJ, Kiara, Pope, and Sarah Cameron, his Pogue posse,  are best friends of John B. They face a lot of troubles along the way to find the treasure.

Sarah’s father Ward and her brother Rafe get in the way the most of trying to find the gold. This causes a lot of family drama for Sarah and is really hard for her. 

The setting of the show is based in North Carolina, but it is actually filmed in South Carolina. There is a lot of action filmed by the water and most of the stunts were performed by the cast. 

The creators of Outer Banks are twin brothers, Josh and Jonas Pate. They used their real-life experiences visiting the area, which makes the audience believe this is based on a true story.

The cast is older in real life than what the series actually portrays. The “teenagers” in the show are actually in their 20s. 

While filming, the cast basically lived together to get closer. Chase Stokes (John B) lived with Rudy Pankow (JJ) during Season 1 filming to really solidify their bond. Jonathan Davis (Pope) and Austin North (Topper) were roomies just a few doors down from Chase and Rudy with Cline (Sarah) living a floor below them. Drew Starkey (Rafe) and Madison Bailey (Kiara) would visit them every weekend. 

This show is a drama-filled action series that draws a large teenage audience while being Netflix’s top 10 when season 1 debuted. In fact, when Outer banks first came out everyone started to dress like Sarah Cameron or John B because it was becoming so popular. 

Whether you are already a fan or are going to be a fan of OBX, the promising news of season 4 was just realized on February 23rd.