Mrs. Parker?


Sydney Grace Warran, Senior Staff Writer

Everyone knows her.

Ms. Erlenbaugh has taught at Cascade for six years in the special education department. She also was the head track coach for three years. She is loved by many. Her personality is fun and bubbly, which makes her a great person and teacher. 

Erlenbaugh enjoys her job. She said, “The fact that it’s a small school makes it easy to feel connected and cared about.” She feels the same way about the community. 

When Ms. Erlenbaugh isn’t teaching or coaching, she enjoys spending time at the lake with her family. She also likes spending time with her son and dog.

After school she enjoys going to the gym. She loves watching crime documentaries and is super excited to get into landscaping and gardening this spring and summer in her new backyard. 

Everyone knows her.  But she will be unrecognizable in the fall.  At least in name.

Ms. Erlenbaugh is about to be Mrs. Parker on June 3rd, as she is getting married in Highlands, North Carolina. It is a small ceremony at Skyline Lodge. After the wedding, she and husband Joey will be honeymooning in the Dominican Republic.

So whether in the classroom, or on the field, Ms. Erlenbaugh is someone you can count on.  She will be there for you with full support and a helping hand.   Even when she has a new name.