Taking the plunge


MaKye Tharp, Senior Staff Writer

When you attend a small school, you tend to know everyone.  But no matter how big or small CHS is, one thing is for sure…everyone knows Tori Turner.

Tori is known by the staff and students as the bubbly, giggly personality that bounces around the building.  But did you know that she also competes with the Special Olympics?

Turner has been doing the Olympics for 11 years, which means a lot of events and a lot of fun. The list of her events includes bowling, horseback riding, basketball, swimming and powerlifting. Of all of these events, powerlifting is her favorite. 

Recently, Tori did a polar plunge and asked Cascade to help her raise money. She asked family, friends, the faculty and peers to donate.  And donate they did, helping Turner raise $500 dollars for her plunge.

According to Turner, raising money was fun, but her favorite part of all of this was the plunge itself.  She said “Getting into the cold water was my favorite part even though it was really cold.”

At the end of day, the cold water and plunge were a one-time thing for her and she probably won’t do it again. 

Tori leaves CHS this year and will be attending the Eskrine Green Training Institute in Muncie next year.

When asked what she will miss about CHS, Turner said, “I will miss the students and the fun.”