Strides for success


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Softball on Baseball Diamond

Savannah Shotwell, Staff

The stadium lights glow as senior Ruby Gray steps up to the plate, her catchers’ gear a heavy weight upon her back. Senior Megan Walker takes a deep breath and winds up for the throw. Two teammates, one batter and a full count.

The throw is a strike, flying right down the middle and landing with a bam that can be heard throughout the entire field, into  Gray’s glove.  Cadets win. 

As the 2023 softball season is beginning, the team has high hopes for their success. “Our preliminary team goal is to advance to the semi-state level,” said new head coach Brett Taber. 

Key players to make these goals achievable include Gray, Walker and fellow senior, Riley Lambert.  According to Taber, “These three are very talented seniors who have already shown their leadership by their practice intensity.”

When asked what preparations will take place to get to the semi-level, coach Taber said, “Our job is to first get them in the right positions on the field. The challenge then is creating game-like scenarios in practice to prepare them for competition.”

Not only does the Cascade softball team have the talent to advance deep into the tournament, they also have the mindset and attitude.

Taber says that the team atmosphere has been exciting and positive. Players agree.

“We love to laugh and make jokes but when it comes time to be serious, we are able to flip that switch and play to win,” said Gray. 

Since last year, Gray believes that the biggest improvement the team has made is trust. Each and every one of the nine players on the field trusts each other. Our fundamentals have improved as well,” she said. 

So this softball season, the Cadets are shooting for glory with positive attitudes, preparation and a huge amount drive to win.