Spring break: the most wonderful time of the year


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the text spring break written in the sand of a beach

Haley Terhune, Staff

We all love spring break right?  Certain schools don’t get two weeks of breaks. Our school happens to be lucky and we get a week at fall and Thanksgiving, two weeks for the winter holidays and then two glorious weeks for spring break.

While everyone celebrates spring break differently, most CHS students and teachers prefer to vacation during spring break, making it arguably the most popular break during the school year. 

English teacher, Ms. Paradise said that over spring break she will be traveling to Scotland to visit Glasgow, the Highlands, and Edinburgh and we will be gone for 10 days.  Paradise said she will be going with Ms. Culver, Ms. Bauer and several other adults. Paradise  stated, “I’m super excited because I’ve never been to Scotland before, and I’ve wanted to go for a long time! We had originally made plans to go to Scotland in 2021, but it got canceled because things were still up in the air with Covid.” 

 Sophomore Kaylee Austin said her was  looking into going on a cruise, until she broke her leg, putting  a damper on her plans.  Although Austin can’t do certain things, a cruise would be a great way for her to experience something new that she has never experienced before. 

Principal, Mr. Donovan said that while his family currently doesn’t have any plans to go anywhere, he is sure they will enjoy the break. 

Many people say they don’t go anywhere at the time of asking but, closer to break they realize  they can go out and enjoy quality family time and will book a vacation or just go somewhere else and come back two weeks later.  

Sophomore Alyssa Hecht said, “ I will likely spend time with my boyfriend and mom because we don’t go anywhere over break.” 

No matter what you plan to do over Spring Break or what you celebrate, you can have fun in lots of different wats. All you need is a creative mind, positive attitude and your family. Invite all your friends, and all family over to enjoy this wonderful two week break.