Do you remember Miss Lovern?


Sydney Grace Warran, Senior Staff Writer

We all know our favorite teachers come and go, but we were lucky enough to have two doses of Miss Lovern.  

Do any of you remember Miss Lovern? She was a wonderful teacher who taught world history. She taught at Cascade for a total of five years; her first year in 2014 and then four more from 2018-2022. 

She has also taught at Chapel Hill in Wayne Township, Franklin Township middle school West, and Highlands International school in La Paz, Bolivia. She is currently at New Castle High  School teaching U.S., history which is new for her.

New Castle is about twice the size of Cascade, so Lovern has had to make some adjustments. But one thing that hasn’t changed is her love for Cascade.

She said, “I loved how close the high school staff was and how much it felt like family.” She believes there is so much to love about Cascade. 

Miss Lovern has a huge milestone coming up in June, when she will marry her fiance Matt. While planning the wedding, she is also planning her honeymoon trip to Italy.

Lovern states “As a travel lover and history teacher, I am very excited.” 

She enjoys lifting weights and playing pickleball. She also loves watching shows with her fiance and reading books. Wedding planning is taking up most of her time right now as it is hectic, but it will be worth it in the end.

Although we wish Miss Lovern was still with us, she is excelling in her new journey. We wish her the best of luck.