CSA collects goods for those in need


Lorelai Smith, Staff

The Cascade Social Activists recently held a drive for an organization called Family Promise. 

Family Promise is a national non-profit organization that helps families within Hendricks County. They help these families find stability and success by helping them with housing, finding a job, their immigration status and paying important bills such as water and electricity. 

CSA chose this organization because they were looking for a good nonprofit that helps families within Hendricks County. The members of CSA heard about this organization and how they were changing lives and the club wanted to be a part of the amazing work they do. 

This is the second year in a row the club has held a drive like this.  The outcome of the drive this year was similar to last year, with some teachers offering extra credit which helped the donations by a lot. 

Ms. Paradise, one of the CSA sponsors, said, “It is important for students to be involved in their communities. It helps build compassion and an understanding of the world around them. By helping those in need, we see where we can make a true difference in the world. That’s pretty important!

CSA is run by junior London Moore. The club’s goal is to make a better community and be a safe place for anyone who needs it. 

They also promote change and evolution so our generation can have a promising future. They want to make sure future generations feel comfortable for who they are and what they may do with their future. 

The club meets every Tuesday morning in Ms. Paradise’s room.