3D printer in the house


MaKye Tharp, Senior Staff Writer

There is a new toy in town.  Hidden in the corner of Mrs. Gruener’s office is a new 3D printer has been an amazing tool to have. Students have used it before, but one student in particular is making it his own thing.

Junior Aaron Smith has been working in the library with the printer and knows how to use it in an outstanding way. Smith has been working at school and has been making projects for students and teachers. 

The projects I’ve done at the school with the printer are little animal toys, basketballs, and models of different things that people like. The projects I plan on doing in the future are really whatever teachers or students ask me to print for them and I try to go through the list as fast as I can,” stated Smith. 

Even though Aaron started being a T.A. for Gruener just recently, he learned a lot from someone outside of school. Smith said, “I learned to 3D print from my friend Michael Parks, who builds industrial-sized printers for corporations. He really has taught me everything I know about them.” 

Although Smith  has one more year at CHS and he can work with the printer, he doesn’t plan on working on things in his future he is very glad that if he wants to he has an option to do so and is glad he understands how to work it.