Senior Spotlight: Levi Southworth


Justus Palumbo, Staff Writer

Many students have gone and many more students will come, but no other student will be as impactful as Levi Southworth.

Southworth has been a part of the Mill Creek School District for all 12 years and it will be hard to let him go. 

Levi is no stranger to the extracurricular activities at Cascade. Southworth has been involved with many things in his time here at Cascade saying, “I started out as a member of the National Junior Honor Society as my first school group. I eventually branched out into the high school’s drama club, the ames club, concert band and jazz band.” 

Levi has been a part of the CHS drama club for the past 3 years having portrayed “The Cop” in “Clue: OnStage” and in last semester’s play “You Can’t Take It With You” he played “The Man.”

Outside of the drama club plays Levi has been in some of the musical, playing “Braxton” in “Little Women” and is currently rehearsing for the role of “Mal Beineke” in “The Addams Family” musical, set for the stage this April.  

But the show isn’t over for the soon-to-be grad.

After I graduate, I will begin founding my career with help from both the college I’ve chosen and the talent agency that hired me. After that, I will begin my dream job of being a film actor or a voice actor.”

With all that Southworth has experienced in school, his dreams are sure to be a reality in the near future. Levi hopes to go to college at Butler University to fulfill his endeavors. 

Throughout Levi’s time at Cascade there are surely aspects that will be missed.

“What I will miss the most about Cascade is all of the great people I’ve met. From the students themselves to the teachers and faculty, I’ve never met such a colorful and endearing set of characters before in my life.” said Southworth. 

Levi’s advice to all of the students to come is, “Don’t let anything or anyone get you down. The opinions of those who do harm are strong, but your will is stronger. Also, stop dumping your trash in the toilets! They are public property and people need to use them!”

Although this is Levi’s last year in high school, the Cascade family will definitely see him again, maybe not in person, but on the silver screen.