Teachers eat fast food too

Teachers eat fast food too

Toby Savini, Staff

You may think that teachers live and eat healthier than we do. Well they don’t; they eat fast food just like we do and some of the same fast food restaurants too!

There are many different fast food restaurants but one of the most popular fast food among the teachers at CHS is Chick fil-a, which is best known for their chicken, and that’s what our teachers like.

The common food that CHS teachers get at Chick fil-a are either a spicy chicken sandwich or a regular chicken sandwich. The reasons for this are what you would expect…being the quality of the food and most obvious… THE SAUCE.

Resource Officer, Deputy Johnson said “They are an openly Christian company, their staff members are always polite and their food is delicious”.

Another common fast food restaurant the teachers agreed on is Taco Bell.  There was a very huge variety of items they chose from Taco Bell, with the favorites being nachos or quesadillas. Taco bell had many reasons being a top pick, the main being the taste, with different spices and being able to get it easy.

There were many other fast foods that were voted on like, Culver’s, Fazoli’s, Popeyes and Freddy’s.

Mrs. Odle loves Culver’s and said “The burgers are the absolute best! They aren’t dry or old,  and are made fresh! They are amazing!”

So now you know…teachers are human…and eat just like us.