Cafeteria food: crap or slap?

Cafeteria food: crap or slap?

Kyler Effner, Staff

Cafeteria food is notorious for being a tragic excuse for sustenance; however, many Cadets still have to brave what’s placed on those quintessential plastic trays every day.  

Surprisingly, many had some good things to say about the food served in the cafeteria, such as junior John Reach, who claimed he enjoyed the school’s orange chicken, a sentiment that seemed to be shared by many other students.

Sophomore Savannah Shotwell, a transfer student from Noblesville, said, “There’s more variety here and less students so there’s more food and it’s less picked over.”

Despite there being some favorites, the school’s food still leaves much to be desired.  Reach expressed a dislike for the white chicken chili, and senior Ethan Davis expressed distaste for the produce the school provides, claiming it “is mostly, always pretty mushy and gross.”

Although it may seem like all hope is lost, and teenagers forever will be condemned to eating soaked Salisbury steak and cardboard pizza, there is hope for the future.

When asked what the school could do to improve the cafeteria, Reach said, “I feel like they could have students do surveys on what they like the most, and serve that more often.”

This approach may be more effective and beneficial for students, as they would be able to find foods they enjoy every day.

Sophomore Lorelai Smith also stated some changes she felt the school should make, such as saving more food for C lunch. She says, “ I had it last semester and it was first-come-first-serve and a lot of people cut in line.” 

While the food may be lacking in flavor and quantity, it is certainly made up for by the student and staff interactions.  The cafeteria staff sees the same kids come through the line every single day and never fails to make students feel welcome with either a smile or friendly conversation.

So, while the cafeteria may not be fine dining, it certainly has some charm.

The cafeteria menu for the month can be found on the school’s website: