Student Spotlight: Courtney Shostrand

Student Spotlight: Courtney Shostrand

Marcus Hobson, Staff

The girls swim and dives team have been very successful this season. Inn fact, the team just won the conference championship for the second year in a row. And they did it behind strong leaders, including junior diver, Courtney Shostrand.

Shostrand has been diving for three years. Her other sports include running track at school and is also a gymnast. Diving is a favorite sport for her. So winning on this level is a big accomplishment. 

This is her first time being able to compete in conference due to Covid her freshman year and a back injury the following year.

One of her top dives that led her to be an ICC champion were the 205- a forward 2 and 1/2 somersault tucked. 

Being a leader both inside the pool and out is just as important as winning. According to fellow diver, freshman Brayden Marcum, “She is a leader by setting a good example and is always pushing herself and the other divers to learn new, more complicated dives.”

Shostrand plans on having a big senior season, as she will look to fill the shoes of current seniors Amani Malik, Gabby Angelides and Madison Goff. 

Her future diving plans are still unclear, but she is keeping options open. “There is some discussion about diving in college, but it really depends on my other sports.”

Regardless, she has raked in some hardware with another season ahead  of her.