Home again


Sydney G Warran, Senior Staff Writer

Many people don’t know but, Mrs. Gee used to teach at Cascade before moving to Plainfield and coming back.

Gee started teaching at Cascade in 2008 and taught freshman English and freshman honors English.

She moved to Plainfield in 2012 because all three of her  kids were in that school district. It made sense for her schedule. While she was at Plainfield she loved teaching middle school, primarily seventh grade. She also got to work with some of her closest friends. She also had the opportunity to teach her kids and her friends’ kids in the classroom.

Gee then decided to step out of education to open a family business in 2019.  Gee’s Nice Cream served nitrogen ice cream  in Plainfield. After a year she soon realized that she missed teaching. When she was thinking about making the transition back into teaching, Cascade felt like the place to be. Gee said, “I love the smaller community environment at Cascade.”

In 2020 Mrs. Gee returned to Cascade  and now teaches junior English and AP English.  We are so happy to have her back. She is not only a great teacher but a great person.

According to Mr. Donovan, “Mrs. Gee is a very caring and talented teacher. She is such an important member of our Cascade High School teaching family.”   

Students enjoy having Mrs. Gee in class. Junior Addison Grable said, “She is so caring and always willing to give a helping hand to her students.”

The community is grateful to  have her back.  Cascade is a better place with Mrs. Gee in it. She is loved by many.