The way of water


Jacob Kehrein, Staff Writer

With the Cadets boys swim season wrapping up, they e are finishing  strong.

For the first time in Cascade history,  the boys sim team has won a conference title .

Over the past several years, they’ve come very close to titles like this, but  this season, the boys came out even stronger. The team is absolutely overjoyed with their win in the conference. They have worked extremely hard all year and deserve all of the recognition. 

The team wanted to win, but did not expected to. They had some very hard competition, but the boys kept confidence in themselves by believing in the process of how they were prepared and what they needed to perform.

One of the biggest challenges with the team this year is that swimming is a winter sport. It was difficult to pull the team together and to stay rested and healthy with constant meets. But the chose the logical road, and that was simply to work as a team, stay together and fight together. The championship performance reflects that preparation and dedication. 

Some big contributors to the team include seniors Emory Lopossa and Zach Marcum, junior Caden Potters, and many other swimmers.

“This was one of my goals when I started coaching at Cascade in 2009. Championships are difficult to win and it takes incredible luck and skill to get in a position to win, so this is a big positive for our program.”

Williams and the team are very happy with their win and look forward to the sectional and beyond.