THE Carter Settles


Bailey Gibson, Senior Staff Writer

It’s finally 2023, and seniors are finishing up their last days of high school.

Senior Carter Settles began his school days at Mill Creek East Elementary in kindergarten. During his time here, Carter has been involved with many things. As a member of the basketball team, student council and National Honor Society, he has built many relationships over the years. 

He has not only been involved with things within the school, but he is also involved with things out in the world. 

Plain and simple, Settles is a  farmer, relishing his relationships with 4-H and Indiana State Holstein Association.

Showing cattle is one of his biggest passions. During the summer, at the Hendricks County Fair you are sure to see Carter somewhere near a cow or two.

Besides his busy schedule and big accomplishments, Settles enjoys helping out his neighbors and friends with anything they need. He also is a member at his church and is always willing to volunteer there. 

Busy is an understatement for Carter. School, farming, being an athlete and  friend, is a lot of work.

Throughout becoming each of those things, he has lots of great memories. Some of his favorites include “watching Liam Farmer breaking various records, listening to the wisdom of Michael Davis and laughing all the time with Devon Weigle,” said Settles. 

College is the next step after graduating. Carter plans to go to study engineering. 

As for advice to other students, Carter says, “I would tell them to not wish their life away, so they would be able to live in the moment and not just think about the future.”