It’s the most wonderful time of the year


Justus Palumbo, Staff Writer

Tis the season, and the season is Christmas.

Christmas is by far the most popular holiday nationwide, followed by Thanksgiving. December 25th marks the day that Jesus Christ was born and is most celebrated with gift giving. Although Christmas is most known as a religious day. it has generated family customs and traditions over the years.

Here at Cascade there are many students who celebrate Christmas time in their own unique ways. Sophomore Mady Hawkins said, “One thing me and my extended family do is meet up and do a white elephant Christmas exchange. We also make Hershey kiss cookies throughout the day. When Christmas comes, my family and I sleep in before opening the gifts.”    Although most people do similar things, everyone’s customs are different. 

Christmas has been a federal holiday in the U.S. since 1870, and it never gets old. It is a time for the family to get together and enjoy a nice dinner and fun filled morning. 

Christmas cookies are a popular holiday treat that makes Christmas meals even more fun. Christmas music is also a part of this yearly celebration that no one can go without because it puts people in the jolly holiday mood. 

Decorating the Christmas tree is another must have occurrence around Christmas time. This practice originated as a symbol of life amid the dark, cold winter nights. Decorating the tree is very unique because every family has different decorations on their tree which adds to the fun and its meaning.  

Last, but certainly not least, Christmas as everyone knows is known as the day Santa Claus travels the world to deliver presents to all of the young children. 

Europeans originally brought this legend to the Americas in the 18th century and the rest is history. 

Santa is the bringer of joy to the children on the day because they wake up to presents made just for them. Christmas is a day of joy for most children because of the happiness that the day brings. 

December 25th only comes once a year but it’s such a loved holiday that most people wish it was everyday. Christmas gives people something to look forward to because it’s a time where the family can get together to enjoy a day that people are so lucky to have.