Get your game on


Jess Amrhein, Senior Staff Writer

Check it out.  There is a new club in town and it’s fun and inclusive.

The Games Club is being led by Mrs. Pugh, who wanted to help students get more involved with extracurricular activities. After asking students what they needed, she decided to create the games club.

The club meets on the first Wednesday of every month, and after just a couple of meetings, students have very positive feedback. 

Pugh says, “I felt Cascade students needed more club options that were outside of the box.”

The games club plays lots of video games, but the students have to bring their own consoles and controllers.  Popular handhelds such as Nintendo Switch and Game Boy are also popular. 

Club members enjoy games like VR Robo Soccer, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Elden Ring, Kirby’s Dream Buffet, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

According to sophomore Jakob Bauer, “I like having a place to play games and hang with my friends.”

Next semester, the gaming club is having competitions.  In the future, Mrs. Pugh hopes to expand and add a second club just for Esports gaming and other competitions. 

If you are looking for a place to game and make new friends, this is the perfect place for you.