Eat now, dance later


MaKye Tharp, Senior Staff Writer

It’s only November, but it’s never too early to think about prom.  And let’s be honest…even just thinking about prom comes with a price tag.

As the prom draws near, students start thinking about the associated costs.  But one group steps up each year to help.

Since 2008, class sponsors, Mrs. Scharrer and Ms. Paradise, have called on CHS juniors to participate in a fundraising contest to not only have a chance to win a ticket to prom, but to help lower the price for all.

Each year before Thanksgiving, the class sells Grey Brothers Pies to raise money to decrease the price of prom tickets. Each student is given an order sheet and the assignment of pitching pies to would-be customers. 

Ms. Paradise stated, “We usually do quite well – the prom costs roughly $10,000 to put on – and we like to get that way down so we don’t have to pass all that cost onto the kids. Traditionally our fundraising takes off about $10-15 per ticket each year.”

While not every junior participates, those who do make a difference.

Junior Creedance Chittenden said, “Selling pies was fun because it made it competitive knowing that it was for prom and that the prices correlate.” 

This year, 22 juniors participated in the sale and, on average, each one sold seven pies with cherry being the most popular flavor. 

The winner of the free ticket was Claire Austin, who sold 36 pies. Austin sold to people like family, people her mom worked with and thole around the community. The flavor that Austin sold the most was pumpkin. 

So when you are dancing night away in the spring, remember those who helped make it more affordable.