Ready to run


MaKye Tharp, Senior Staff Writer

The boys soccer team picked right up where they left off last year after a run all the way to the final four.  Could history repeat itself?

It could.                       

The team started off 6-1 and is now 12-3-1 with big wins over conference teams such as Lutheran, Scecina, Monrovia and Beech Grove, leading them to a second-place finish in the ICC.

The squad is led by junior captains Ari Moore and Dane Hendricks along with seniors Braydan Fishel and Jayson Kemp. 

As much as the team benefits from returning almost the entire starting lineup from last season, the youth of the team is just as strong.

Coach David Moeller said, “Declan Dodson has had a great  season, especially being a freshman.

Moore and Dodson lead the way in scoring while Kemp has made big improvements in protecting the net.

The senior leadership is huge for the team. “As a senior, I expect, not perfection, but the most effort the team can put forward. It’s always a bad look when a teammate gets down on himself and stops putting in effort,” said Kemp. 

The team jumps to a 2A sectional this year, but are prepared.

The boys are in the upper half of the bracket playing Monrovia in the first round. If they win they advance to play Western Boone in the semifinals. 

“Sectional this year is going to be a little bit tougher than last year with our major competition being Crawfordsville. However, I do think we will have success this year in sectional,” said Fishel. 

The boys have had an amazing season. The goal is to play two more game than last year.