Taking the trophy home


Ashlynn Hunsicker , Staff Writer


Your Cadet cheerleaders kicked off the summer working hard as a team to build an amazing routine that was performed at three county fairs and the Indiana State Fair. 

To start their season and to make sure they had a solid and strong routine, they started practicing early June. They put in a lot of hard work and dedication along with attending cheer camp to prepare them for the competitions.

The first time the Cadets took the mat this year was at Marion County Fair on June 25th.  According to Coach Ashley Moeller,  “The Marion County fair was the biggest surprise because our first “full out” was the day of the competition, June 25th. Seniors Patia Claxton, Madelynn Coy, Nadea Maggard and Alissa Owens have all taken the leadership role in one way or another.” They finished 3rd place in their division. 

The next two competitions were exciting at Hendricks and Putnam County Fairs and again the Cadets were ready.

The day before the Hendricks competition, they held a showcase for their families to watch.  The night ended  with an unexpected medical emergency on the team. The Cadets did what they do best and rose to the occasion and made some changes and finished third place. They improved their routine and practiced hard and finished second at the Putnam County Fair.

The final competition was at the Indiana State Fair and once again your Cadet Cheerleaders came prepared and were ready to take the mat.

This fair is bigger and brings more schools and talent to the competition. The cheerleaders took home a second place trophy in the small division.

This fall will start a new competition team that will include a smaller cheer squad.  Moeller stated, “We will cut the team down and have requirements of a back handspring or a back walkover to make it more likely to go to state. Unfortunately, cheerleading is classed by school size. We have competed in Class “D” for several years but now because Cascade is getting bigger, we will move up to Class “C.” 

The excitement for the fall season is about to start, but after the amazing summer, the sky is the limit for this team.