Owen Ramsey, Staff


The winter slump is now upon us, and it is so important to keep spirits high.

One way to do this is through school sponsored events, such as Snowcoming, the winter version of homecoming.  

This event typically sees a weeklong celebration with things like dress-up days, competitions, games, and of course, the reverse royal court, with guys getting the underclass votes.

Although nearly every school in the area participates in this activity, CHS hasn’t done it for years.

Many students at CHS feel that a “Snowcoming” would be a positive experience. Students have expressed their support for a winter homecoming celebration. 

In a random poll of 20 students across all four grades, all 20 said they would appreciate a winter homecoming court. 

The last time Cascade held a snowcoming was 2018, meaning the current seniors were the only class of students able to experience this event.

 Senior Zoe Mendenhall says, “I remember they had a DJ, a photo area and tons of other little games that made it so fun.” Mendenhall also expressed her support for holding the event again.

CHS will have a winter formal this year, and Cascade could consider combining Snowcoming with the winter formal into one event. It would cost virtually nothing to the school or student council.

To achieve this, CHS could do a homecoming court during a basketball game. Since Cascade had a girls court for football homecoming, the tradition of a court of boys would fill the halftime fun. This would allow an equal experience for all students in the school. 

Although the student council is sponsoring a “Funapalooz” for February, it seems like a bigger celebration is missing.

Having a snowcoming would boost student morale. This would help with student culture and positivity. This is all too important during the winter months of the school year when many students hit a slump. 

Giving students something to look forward to, like a winter homecoming event, would most definitely help to improve school spirit.