Back to the pool


Hailey Seymour, Staff

The Cascade swim teams are headed back to the pool and are gearing up and getting ready for a new season. 

Excitement is in the air as practices start, with swimmers working very hard to make this their best season yet.  The girls are preparing for their first varsity meet on November 18th and the boys on the 30th.  

With practices in the morning and after school, these athletes are loaded with things to do. Madison Goff, a junior swimmer, says that “practices are fun but we are pushed to be the best we can.” 

The swim team at Cascade has always been a leading sport. Many students enjoy participating in swimming and many have been doing swimming since the summer swim camp that Cascade hosts each year. 

Students develop a large sense of community when they join the swim program. Goff stated, “I think of the team like a family. We give each other positive encouragement throughout practices and meets, we work together like a family and are there for each other through our successes and failures. S

The swim teams do not get the same recognition as the major sports.  But the swimmers work very hard to make sure they are the best they can be.  This year, their efforts are sure to make another big splash.