Justus Palumbo, Staff

Every year, high school students all over the country are plagued by standardized tests.

Cascade High School students are no exception.

In addition to state tests like ISTEP, students also face the preliminary scholastic aptitude test.

The PSAT is an important test allowing students to prepare for the real SAT they take typically during junior year. The SAT has been the big test that helps students get into the colleges of their choice and receive scholarship money.

Lots of students do not take the PSAT seriously because they think it does not matter. But, the PSAT is important because it serves as a way to know where improvements need to be made.

Students often go into their testing rooms thinking the PSAT is going to be a walk in the park, but it is the exact opposite.

Although it may be a breeze for some, it takes a lot of hard work to get a good score on the PSAT. One way students can ensure a decent score is to be on track in their classes.

Senior Alexis Cartmel stated, “I felt like I knew what to expect for the SAT but everyone’s test is different. I took more classes and learned more material which helped me.”

College is important. Doing well in high school will benefit students drastically because they will already know the content. If a student is doing well in their every day work, the PSAT and SAT should be easy.

The PSAT is a bonus gift, believe it or not.  Yes, it is another test. But it is not every day that students get a practice test before a major nation-wide exam, so make the most of it.