Broadway is back!


Justus Palumbo, Staff

New York has not been the same ever since Covid-19 hit, but now things are coming back in full swing and Broadway is no exception!

Broadway is a key part of New York culture that tourists can’t resist. Ever since Broadway shut down back in 2020, New York has lost its energy and liveliness. 

Covid-19 shut Broadway down back in March of 2020 causing thousands to go without work. When Broadway was shut down, a main symbol of New York faded until September 14, claims the New York Times.  

The article says that Broadway reopened at full capacity on September 14, 2021. People can now smile and look forward  knowing that Broadway is back and in the full swing of things.

An average Broadway actor makes about 120,000 dollars a year, but that is the average. When Covid hit, it left all of these Broadway actors rushing to find a stable job until they could resume work. 

Some shows will not open or reopen until 2022 or later this year. Rehearsals started over the summer for most of the productions that are coming back this month. 

Broadway actors had been participating in online meetings prior to the reopening such as “Hamilton” and the “Dear Evan Hansen” casts. These casts would perform songs together virtually for the world to see such as “You will Be Found” from “Dear Evan Hansen.” These performances gave the world entertainment in the hardest of times.  

Knowing that Broadway has returned, people can rest easy knowing that New York is closer to what it used to be. Tourists can once again go to New York and have something to look forward to doing. Broadway is back and bigger than ever, so now is the time to get some tickets and enjoy live theatre again!