Blue, black and white


Alexys Cartmel, Senior Staff Writer

Dress-up days, class competitions, a big pep rally, crowning of the court, school spirit, and of course the big game; These are just some of the many events high school students look forward to during homecoming week.

 Homecoming week is arguably one of the most exciting times for the students and staff of Cascade High School.  There are so many opportunities to get involved and show support for school.

One of the most popular events during the week is dress-up days. 

According to senior Zoe Mendenhall, “I have participated in all of the dress up days this week. I think it’s a fun way for everyone to express themselves and it brings us all together as a school.”

Student council plans the dress up days for the week, according to their sponsor, Mrs. Ball. Students were off for Labor Day on Monday, so the fun began on Tuesday with pajama day. Western day was Wednesday, Thursday was class theme day and finally Cascade Spirit day was on Friday.

This year, the theme for homecoming was “Homecoming TV.” Each grade level was assigned a different T.V. show. The freshman had the “Flintstones,” sophomores “The Office,” juniors “Scooby-Doo” and seniors “That’s 70s Show.”

Each grade was responsible for decorating their hallways corresponding with their show.

Students got an early dive into the homecoming fun by attending the pep rally at the end of the school day on Friday. During this rally, there was a chant competition, the presentation of the homecoming court nominees, and awards for the best hallway and dress up day participation.      

The juniors were named the best hallway, and the freshmen won the dress up day contest.

Before the big game, the induction of the C.A.D.E.T. Hall of Fame took place, with former teacher, Mr. Larry Clunie joining the club.

During halftime the princesses, king and queen were announced. 

Congratulations to senior King Henry Tucker and Queen Zoe Mendenhall. Also congratulations to princesses junior Sydney Haga, sophomore Claire Austin and freshman Rylee Smith. 

The football game was one for the record books as the Cadets pounced on the South Decatur Cougars, and defeated them 58-28. The cheer block showed up and helped to cheer the boys on and get the stands roaring.

2021 Homecoming was a resounding success and one can only hope for even more spirit next year.